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Friday, July 07, 2023

A VR Headset. Meta to Lower Age for Users of Headset to 10

Hardly 'proves' safety,  but what would?   As the article suggests, market vs needs?

A virtual reality headset. Meta to Lower Age for Users of VR Headset to 10

The New York Times

Mike Isaac; Adam Satariano; Natasha Singer

June 16, 2023

Social media giant Meta announced its intention to lower the recommended minimum age for users of its Quest virtual reality (VR) headset to 10 from 13. Meta said creating accounts for preteens would require parental approval, while young users would only see applications and content appropriate for their age group. However, VR games are rife with harassment, assaults, bullying, and hate speech, while researchers warn there are few measures for easily reporting misbehavior. Josh Golin at nonprofit children's advocacy group Fairplay said Meta did not prove the safety of its VR products for young people before lowering its age recommendation, which Fairplay said is "clearly driven by the fact that they are trying to compete for a market, not driven by kids' needs." ... ' 

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