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Monday, July 24, 2023

Biosensor Offers Real-Time Dialysis Feedback

Biosensor Offers Real-Time Dialysis Feedback

By IEEE Spectrum, July 20, 2023

Hemodialysis is a vital procedure for people with kidney failure, but it requires multiple lengthy clinic visits every week.

A new biosensor provides real-time feedback on the filtering rate as blood is circulated from a patient to the dialysis machine and back.

Researchers at Iran's Shahrood University of Technology (SUT) engineered a new biosensor to expedite hemodialysis procedures by providing dialysis feedback in real time.

The electromagnetic bandgap structure biosensor uses microwaves to analyze the waste and toxin levels of the patient's blood during dialysis.

Experiments using fake blood showed the biosensor could identify relative alterations in blood permittivity across samples, suggesting real-time feedback during dialysis was possible.

SUT's Javad Ghalibafan said the low-cost, low-power device does not disrupt the procedure, and could shorten dialysis sessions if it detects that the patient's blood toxin concentrations are sufficiently low to end the session early.

From IEEE Spectrum

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