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Friday, July 21, 2023

Google’s NEW UniPi AI Takes Robotics Industry By Storm

 Google Goes Robotic

Google’s NEW UniPi AI Takes Robotics Industry By Storm (4 FUNCTIONS ANNOUNCED)

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Google's latest breakthrough in AI robotics, UniPi, is a universal policy model that revolutionizes AI decision-making through text-guided video generation, outperforming heavyweights like GPT, PaLM, CLIP, and Flamingo by addressing challenges of environmental diversity, reinforcement learning, and generating goal-oriented agents with trajectory consistency, hierarchical planning, flexible behavioral modulation, and task-specific action adaptation. The emergence of Objaverse-XL, a vast database of over 10 million 3D objects, signifies a significant advancement in 3D computer vision and generative AI, addressing the scarcity of high-quality 3D data.

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