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Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Digital Twins Give Hydrogen a Greener Path to Growth

Interesting idea.

Digital Twins Give Hydrogen a Greener Path to Growth

IEEE Spectrum

Tammy Xu, July 14, 2023

Sharaf Alsharif at Germany's Oldenburger OFFIS Institute for Information Technology thinks digital twins could help lower clean hydrogen production costs by monitoring the state of hydrogen electrolyzers. Digital twins can track electrodes, membranes, or pumps to determine probable malfunctions and to prescribe maintenance. The twins would supply data to dashboards used by electrolysis operators by remotely monitoring electrolyzers and dispatching alerts when they detect anomalous behavior. Alsharif said this could save operators hours of production time that otherwise would be spent on unscheduled electrolyzer troubleshooting. Alsharif and colleagues at OFFIS unveiled a service-oriented software framework for engineering electrolysis monitoring digital twins at Germany's ETG Congress 2023 conference.

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