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Friday, July 14, 2023

Lasers Enable Internet Backbone via Sat

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Lasers Enable Internet Backbone via Satellite

ETH Zurich (Switzerland), Daniel Meierhans

June 20, 2023

Scientists at Switzerland's ETH Zurich, French aerospace laboratory ONERA, and French space company Thales Alenia Space transmitted several dozen terabits per second between a mountain peak and the Swiss city of Bern using optical data communications lasers. The researchers supported a 1-terabit/second optical communication link between the High Altitude Research Station on the Jungfraujoch peak and the University of Bern's Zimmerwald Observatory, which are 53 kilometers (33 miles) apart. ONERA implemented a microelectromechanical system chip with 97 adjustable mirrors to improve signals about 500-fold by correcting the phase shift of the beam on its intersection surface along the currently measured gradient 1,500 times per second.

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