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Friday, May 05, 2023

Unilever's Use of AI in Recuitung

Late to this but have read Bernard Marr's book: AI in Practice:  How 50 successful Companies used AI and Machine Learning to Solve Problems, published in 2019, where he describes the use of AI by a number of competitive companies, notably competitor Unilever. Some of this is still dated now, but still notable. I reviewed as I looked at potential of big company applications. Here nicely overviewd, 

Unilever:   Using Artificial Intelligence to Steam lining recruiting and Onboarding  Page 129-

International consumer goods manufacturer Unilever sells over 400 branded products in 190 countries. Worldwide it has over 160,000 people, making it one of the worlds largest employers.

With any company, the people are the most valuable resources. To make sure they are enticing the right talent Unilever employs AI solutions aimed at attracting and  analyzing and selecting the best people to fit the thousands of roles it need to fill each year. 

Any recruiting process involves risk. Advertising for talent,  screening applicants and onboarding new hires is an expensive and  time consuming process. It has to be done properly though as hiring the people can have expensive consequences and a damaging impact on business.   ... ' 

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