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Friday, May 12, 2023

Google Enters Palm 2

The internals are getting weirder.


Enter PaLM 2 (New Bard): Full Breakdown - 92 Pages Read and Gemini Before GPT 5? Google I/O

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Google puts it foot on the accelerator, casting aside safety concerns to not only release a GPT 4 -competitive model, PaLM 2, but also announce that they are already training Gemini, a GPT 5 competitor [likely on TPU v5 chips]. This is truly a major day in AI history, and I try to cover it all. 

I'll show the benchmarks in which PaLM (which now powers Bard) beats GPT 4, and detail how they use SmartGPT-like techniques to boost performance. Crazily enough, PaLM 2 beats even Google Translate, due in large part to the text it was trained on. We'll talk coding in Bard, translation, MMLU, Big Bench, and much more.

I'll end on the Universal Translator deepfakes and the underwhelming results from Sundar Pichai and Sam Altman's trip to the White House and what Hinton says about it all. On a more positive note, I cover Med PaLM 2, which could genuinely save thousands of lives.   .. 

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