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Sunday, March 15, 2020

Integrating Voice Synthesis for Business

API from Amazon AWS to synthesise speech in multiple languages to communicate and persuade in varying real and artificial personas.

Simple-to-Use API
Amazon Polly provides an API that enables you to quickly integrate speech synthesis into your application. You simply send the text you want converted into speech to the Amazon Polly API, and Amazon Polly immediately returns the audio stream to your application so your application can begin streaming it directly or store it in a standard audio file format, such as MP3.

Sampling rate Sample Code  ... 

"Hi. My name is Joanna." from boto3 import client
polly = client("polly", region_name="us-east-1")
response = polly.synthesize_speech(
        Text="Hi. My name is Joanna.",

Wide Selection of Voices and Languages
Amazon Polly includes dozens of lifelike voices and support for a variety of languages, so you can select the ideal voice and distribute your speech-enabled applications in many countries. In addition to Standard TTS voices, Amazon Polly offers Neural Text-to-Speech (NTTS) voices that improve speech quality for more natural and human-like voices. ... "

Also, from TechTimes;

Amazon now allows manufacturers to improve proprietary voices to connect with customers on Alexa. With the help of Amazon Polly, Alexa would develop a new engagement device to promote voice-based commerce. ... 

Amazon to work with corporations to boost sales
Amazon said it would work with corporations to help them establish a persona for their logo, select a person to file speech for that character, and then build a vocal model to breed that voice at the Alexa platform. ... " 

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