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Thursday, March 26, 2020

Positive Tools for Challenging Times

I see that long-time correspondent Sunnie Southern of ViableSynergy has a newsletter about 'Positive Tools for Challenging Times'.   Check it out:

Positive Tools for Challenging Times
This is the second in a series of emails with resources our team has personally compiled to make life a little easier during this difficult time.  We have added a couple of new categories based on your feedback and suggestions from last week's message. Please take our short survey and check-out new innovations.   ..... 

If you have a resource or an inspiring story that you would like to share, please email us at Hello@ViableSynergy.com and we'll share in a future message.     .... 

It has been a while since connecting with many of you. We'd love to reconnect and exchange updates.  Send us a message at Hello@ViableSynergy.com or via your favorite social media channel (click below) and let's get something on the calendar.   ... '

1 comment:

SunnieSouthern said...

Thank you for sharing, Franz!