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Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Crowdsource the Problem, Distribute Solutions.

Lots of Possibilities Here, find ways to find them

Folding@Home Network More Powerful Than World's Top 7 Supercomputers Combined
Tom's Hardware
by Paul Alcorn

The Folding@Home distributed computing network is currently churning out 470 petaflops of raw computing power, which is more powerful than the collective computing muscle of world's top seven supercomputers, in a push to defeat the coronavirus pandemic. That compares to the 149 petaflops of sustained output generated by the world's fastest supercomputer, the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)'s Summit system. ORNL announced two weeks ago that Summit had been enlisted in the fight against COVID-19. Folding@Home said the number of contributors in its fight against the pandemic has risen 1,200%.  ... "

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