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Saturday, March 21, 2020

Multi-Agent VR for Task Application?

Might this be useful for simulating multi-agent complex, interactive tasks in VR?    We encountered such problems when assigning multiple people to do a job and they needed to be informed of the location, status, actions ...   of others in the team.  This inhibited the use of VR solutions.   Like too that this could be done with simple devices.

Novel System Allows Untethered Multi-Player VR
Purdue University News  By Chris Adam

Purdue University researchers have created a virtual reality (VR) system that allows untethered multi-player gameplay on smartphones. The Coterie system manages the rendering of high-resolution virtual scenes to fulfill the quality of experience of VR, facilitating 4K resolutions on commodity smartphones and accommodating up to 10 players to engage in the same VR application at once. Purdue's Y. Charlie Hu said Coterie "opens the door for enterprise applications such as employee training, collaboration and operations, healthcare applications such as surgical training, as well as education and military applications."

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