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Saturday, March 14, 2020

Simple Uses of RPA in Business

Good example of the simple use of RPA in business

AI Is Coming for Your Most Mind-Numbing Office Tasks  By Will Knight in Wired

Routine work, like cutting and pasting between documents, is increasingly being automated. But for now, there's little artificial intelligence involved.

In 2018, the New York Foundling, a charity that offers child welfare, adoption, and mental health services, was stuck in cut-and-paste hell.

Clinicians and admin staff were spending hours transferring text between different documents and databases to meet varied legal requirements. Arik Hill, the charity’s chief information officer, blames the data entry drudgery for an annual staff turnover of 42 percent at the time. “We are not a very glamorous industry,” says Hill. “We are really only just moving on from paper clinical records.” ... "

Shows how the company used UiPath to implement Robotic Process Automation (RPA) with UiPath  http://www.uipath.com/

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