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Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Acceptance of AI as a creative Inventor

In Forbes, more examples in the space, here using a zero-knowledge approach. 

Ernst & Young Doubles Down On Its Bet With Ethereum
Ben Jessel  Contributor
Crypto & Blockchain
I write about fintech and enterprise adoption of blockchain technology.

On December 19th 2019, the audit and consulting giant Ernst & Young announced the release of their “third-generation zero-knowledge proof blockchain technology” to the public domain as part of the firm’s effort to make public networks ready for enterprise adoption.

Ernst & Young’s advocacy of public blockchain network infrastructure, as opposed to permissioned and private networks (referred to as private networks going forward, for brevity), is notable given that the firm’s industry peers have either remained neutral on the public vs. private network debate or have voiced skepticism on the viability of public networks. ... "

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