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Thursday, March 19, 2020

Remote Detection of Virus

Makes sense by remotely sensing heat.  Of course temperature does not mean virus, but a first test for at a distance scanning.    Here an existing system.   Unsure of availability.

This AI camera detects people who may have COVID-19 in FastCompany

Austin-based Athena Security first gained recognition using AI to detect firearms. It’s now tackling another public health threat.
By Mark Sullivan

With the U.S. lagging other countries in the distribution of coronavirus testing kits, health authorities have had to look to other means of detection, like the infrared ear thermometers used in some countries. And now one Austin-based company says its security cameras use thermal imaging and computer vision tech to detect people who have fever possibly related to the virus.

Unlike the thermometers, which work one person at a time and at close range, Athena Security‘s security camera detection system may be far better for scanning larger numbers of people in places like airports, grocery stores, hospitals, and voting locations. .... " 

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