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Monday, March 23, 2020

AI and Big Data

A frequent question I have received, is what is the difference between Big Data and AI?  My answer is DB is a means of using much more available data to perform analytical methods.  While AI uses a particular set of machine learning methods to find complex patterns in data.   In general AI methods are still less transparent but more powerful in some domains.    They can and we did use them in conjunction.   Sometimes there is little difference, both depend on large, sometimes very complex data.

Evolving Relationship Between Artificial Intelligence and Big Data  in ReadWrite   By Nitin Garg / 11 Jan 2020 / AI / Data and Security / Tech

Find the evolving relationship between big data and artificial intelligence. The growing popularity of these technologies offers engaging audience experience. It encourages newcomers to come up with an outstanding plan.

AI and Big Data help you transform your idea into substance. It helps you make full use of visuals, graphs, and multimedia to give your targeted audience with a great experience. According to Markets And Markets, the worldwide market for AI in accounting assumed to grow. As a result, growth from $666 million in 2019 to $4,791 million by 2024.

The critical component of delivering an outstanding pitch is taking a step further with an incredible plan of assuring success. Big data and Artificial intelligence help you contribute to multiple industries bringing an effective plan. It can directly speak to investors and your targeted audience, covering essential aspects and representing your idea in a nutshell.

According to Techjury, The big data analytics market is set to reach $103 billion by 2023, and in 2019, the big data market is expected to grow by 20%.  .... "

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