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Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Bosch Deploys AI to Prevent Attacks on Car Electronics

Shielding car electronics attacks. Note the application to data coming from car systems.

Bosch Deploys AI to Prevent Attacks on Car Electronics
By The Wall Street Journal
January 13, 2020

German engineering company Robert Bosch GmbH is using artificial intelligence to reduce the risk of hackers tricking cars electronic systems into misinterpreting road signs.

Engineering company Robert Bosch is deploying artificial intelligence (AI) to fortify cars' electronic systems against hackers who attempt to feed the systems intentionally incorrect road-sign information.

Road-sign standardization makes traffic-sign recognition technology well-suited to machine learning and deep learning image-identification algorithms, but malefactors can deceive the algorithms by defacing the signs.

Bosch’s Michael Bolle said the company has unveiled a computer-vision-based AI process designed to analyze and compare an object from two different perspectives.

The findings of deep learning algorithms that identify road signs are checked by computer-vision algorithms, and discrepancies between the readings could indicate spoofing.

Said Bolle, "In the area of machine learning and AI, products and machines learn from data, and so the data itself can be part of the attack surface."

From "Bosch Deploys AI to Prevent Attacks on Car Electronics"

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