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Monday, January 27, 2020

Met Police to Use Live Facial Recognition Cameras in London

Not surprising at all to me, given the broad use of cameras already in the UK.   And despite all the complaints regarding privacy, this will be the future of such systems, tied to live facial recognition.

Met Police to Use Live Facial Recognition Cameras in London
The Guardian
Vikram Dodd

London's Metropolitan Police next month will deploy computer-linked live facial recognition cameras on city streets, despite outcries from civil liberties advocates and experts' doubts of the technology's efficiency. Essex University's Pete Fussey estimated the cameras are verifiably accurate in identifying wanted suspects in only 19% of cases, versus the Met's claim of 70% effectiveness. The Met said the cameras would be connected to a suspect database, and if someone is detected who is not in the database, that person's information will be deleted. However, if the system flags someone who is wanted, an officer will speak to that individual. The Met promised London Mayor Sadiq Khan the system will not be connected to other official databases, or used by authorities to monitor all of London or track someone down.  ... '

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