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Monday, January 13, 2020

Sharing with a Core Scientific Data Model

With data getting more complex, and havig to include many aspects of context-specific metadata, sharing it efficiently can be messy.  In our experience the integration of needed metadata can be problematic.

Simplifying How Scientists Share Data    By Ohio State News

Their system is designed to share complex datasets easily, without massive files, and without losing metadata.   Researchers have created a new open-source data-management system for scientists, in the hope the system might make collaboration easier.

Researchers at The Ohio State University, Denmark's University of Aarhus, and France's University of Orléans have developed an open-source data-management system that will help scientists share data with each other.

The system, called the "Core Scientific Data Model," is designed to share complex datasets easily, without massive files that take up a lot of bandwidth and hard drive space, and without losing metadata.

The researchers built the software, uploaded it to the web, and made the code open-source, with the goal of creating a simple, free way to combine multiple types of data into one place.

Said Ohio State researcher Deepansh Srivastava, "Instead of looking for data and plucking it from datasets, if we could simply export it as this one file type – as a core scientific data file type – we'd be able to work in a common system."

From Ohio State News

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