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Friday, January 17, 2020

Virtual Agents

A broader take than chatbots, more addressed to solving specific customer service issues.    We used the term in loose combination with agent-models to deliver goal-specific assistants.     Was always important to have very specific goals to drive their actions.  Usually using simulation style prediction.   But we often used simpler methods when appropriate.    The definitions online vary.   A number of vendors now talking this are covered in this article.

No, IBM is not the only relevant player in virtual agents
  by Matt Marshell

Last month, IBM General Manager of Data and Watson AI, Rob Thomas, told VentureBeat that IBM was the only major enterprise provider in the red-hot area of virtual agents.

Virtual agents are software that can chat with customers through text, voice, or web chat. “There really are no big players, except for us,” Thomas said at the time. He called the rest of the virtual agent providers “fireflies,” because they are small and there are so many of them..... "

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