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Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Panasonic Cloud Analytics for Safety

Digital 'Seatbelt' combines safety data.  A clever play for this problem.  Also data for future development of safety methods and devices.   "a central nervous system for connected cars'"

Panasonic Cloud Analytics Will Give Cars a Guardian Angel
January 6, 2020

Panasonic engineers, in conjunction with the departments of Transportation in Colorado and Utah, are working on a digital seatbelt that uses technology enabling cars to send information, like speed and direction, to transportation infrastructure, which would be able to inform drivers about construction zones, traffic jams, and other impending hazards. Panasonic's cloud-based Cirrus system, which the company hopes to launch later this year, would go further by using more data and processing it centrally, regardless of where it originates. Panasonic will feed data collected from its implementations in Colorado and Utah into machine-learning programs to improve the algorithms' ability to predict changing or hazardous road and traffic conditions. The company said it will make the system available to app developers. Said Panasonic’s Chris Armstrong, "We are building a central nervous system for connected cars."  .... '

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