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Sunday, January 19, 2020

Wal-Mart Takes Food to Car

Another look by Wal-Mart at Robo Tech and attracting consumers.  We had looked at attempts at completely automated grocery warehouse drive-throughs, but they had not succeeded.

Walmart Unveils Robot-Run Warehouse to Whisk Food to Your Car
Bloomberg,  by Matthew Boyle

Walmart has automated a warehouse in New Hampshire to accelerate pickups for its online grocery ordering service. The warehouse is equipped with robotic carts that retrieve items from shelves and deliver them to workers at a picking station, who pack the orders and deliver them to customers' cars in the parking lot. The automated warehouse features 30 robots that retrieve items 10 times faster than human shoppers. Said Walmart’s Brian Roth, “This is going to be a transformative impact to Walmart's supply chain. Alphabot is streamlining the order process, allowing associates to do their jobs with greater speed and efficiency." .... '

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