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Friday, January 17, 2020

AR Contact Lens: Prototype

If the QR Contact lens finally here in prototype.   Has been talked about for some time.   Ultimate kind of wearable.

Tech Start-up Develops AR Contact Lenses
Financial Times
Patrick McGee

Start-up Mojo Vision is developing augmented reality contact lenses to allow wearers access to the Internet in real time. The lenses, demonstrated at CES 2020, contain a micro-light-emitting-diode screen, a microprocessor, wireless communication, and an array of sensors. Users select functions by moving their eyes over a ring-shaped home screen. Users activate the home screen by glancing sideways, selecting options by gaze, and clicking on options by holding their stare for several milliseconds. Mojo's Steve Sinclair said, "The goal is you put the lens on in the morning and you wear it all day. It's off most of the day—but when you need it, it's on to give you the information you need." 


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