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Friday, January 17, 2020

AI for Pizza?

Not unexpected.... classic examples of looking for patterns, then creating efficiency based predictions.  Use that to provide the right profitable incentives.  Has always been a good place to start,  even before AI.

AI… for Pizza?! in Datanami    By Oliver Peckham in Datanami

If you order a pizza from Domino’s, you might be getting it with a free side of AI. The pizza giant is determined to make big data and AI cornerstones of a company that has typically focused more on pizza stones. Now, Nvidia is highlighting how Domino’s is leveraging the power of data to deliver valuable insights in addition to pizza.

Zack Fragoso, a data science and AI manager at Domino’s, explained how the company had grown its data science team exponentially – a move “driven by the impact [the team] had on translating analytics insights into action items for the business team.”

Domino’s made its first public foray into AI with “Points for Pie,” a Super Bowl ad stunt that allowed customers to send a smartphone picture of (any) pizza to Domino’s, earning points that could be used for free pizza. “No one was sure how to recognize purchases and award points,” Fragoso said. “The data science team said this is a great AI application, so we built a model that classified pizza images. The response was overwhelmingly positive. We got a lot of press and massive redemptions, so people were using it.”

Domino’s is also starting to operationalize AI for a more common use case: pizza delivery. Fragoso and his team have tackled the model that predicts when an order will be delivered by assessing the number of employees working, the orders in the pipeline and current traffic conditions, improving its accuracy from 75% to 95%.   .... " 

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