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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Operationalizing Analytics

Ultimately its always about how analytics will be used (implemented and operationalized)  Have seen many cases where the results have been lost in implementing them.   Here a Podcast that covers some of the related topics I am reading.

Operationalizing Analytics (Podcast)
by Phil Bowermaster In B-Eye-Network.

In this podcast, Tapan Patel, Senior Manager of Product Marketing at SAS, discusses the challenges organizations face when deploying and managing analytical models.  He also provides best practices for analytics governance. The interview is conducted by Phil Bowermaster, an independent consultant and analyst who writes and speaks about emerging technologies and the future. To listen to this podcast, click here.

Phil Bowermaster
Phil Bowermaster is an independent analyst and consultant specializing in big data, business intelligence and analytics. Phil is the founder of Speculist Media, which produces blogs, podcasts, and other social and traditional media exploring the role of technology, particularly data technology, in shaping the future. He works with select clients in developing and executing content strategies related to big data. Phil can be reached at phil@speculist.com.
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