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Tuesday, July 03, 2018

Polinode Adds New Influencer and Collaboration Features

Polinode has been frequently mentioned here, noe new features of interest.   You can easily test it.

Introducing an Integrated Tool to Identify Influencers and Dynamic Collaboration Matrices  By Andrew Pitts

If you haven’t used Polinode before - it’s a tool for mapping, visualizing and analysing networks in the browser. With Polinode you can either create Networks, Surveys or both. Polinode Networks allow you to upload any type of connected data to the cloud and then visualize and analyze this data directly from your browser. The source of the data can literally be anything including emails, 360 degree performance reviews, enterprise social networks, social media, etc. 

Polinode Surveys allow you to collect network data using our built-in relationship-based survey tool. For example, you can ask questions such as “Who do you work with often?” or “Who do you go to for advice?”. You can then visualize and analyze this network data in one integrated and highly flexible solution. Applications include change management, identifying emerging talent, M&A integration and improving workplace layouts. This is what we call the ‘Survey’ functionality and in summary it is most often used for organizational network analysis (or ONA for short).

We are excited to announce that two new powerful features have just gone live! A handful of users have been testing these features over the last few weeks and the feedback has been very positive so we wanted to share them with the broader community as soon as possible. In summary, these new features are:

Identify Influencers: We have added the ability to identify those individuals or nodes in the network that together maximise the coverage over the entire network. 

Collaboration Matrices: We have added a new type of report called a Collaboration Matrix that summarises the interaction between different groups in a network. .... " (Much more in this post) 

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