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Monday, July 30, 2018

Google AutoML and the Importance of Human Machine Communication

Call centers are the place where people to machine communications will increasingly be important.  Better efficiency and results will be key.    Having the systems learn to understand changes in their context is the next step.  Both by ingesting information, and learning from experience.

Google is adding new automated machine learning tools and bringing its AI software to call centers

Google’s AutoML Vision is going into public beta while new natural language and translation tools are now available     By Nick Statt @nickstatt  in theVerge

Google has a slew of artificial intelligence announcements it’s making this week at its Cloud Next conference, which kicks off in San Francisco today, and many are focused on the company’s democratization of machine learning tools. Starting today, Google’s AutoML Vision tool will now be available in public beta after an alpha period that started back in January with the launch of its Cloud AutoML initiative, the company announced during its keynote.

Cloud AutoML is basically a way to allow non-experts — those without machine learning expertise or even coding fluency — to train their own self-learning models, all using tools that exist as part of Google’s cloud computing offering. The first of these tools was AutoML Vision, which lets you create a machine learning model for image and object recognition. Google makes these tools legible to those outside the software engineering and AI fields by using a simple graphical interface and universally understood UI touches like drag and drop. .... "

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