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Monday, July 16, 2018

Concept and History of Algorithms

In my executive interactions since the beginning,  the definition of algorithm is often brought up.    Somehow it always seems mysterious.  Her a look at the definition and history of the idea. Its just a description of the statement of 'how do you do that?'   Which has been around for a long time.   Ever since someone has asked "How do you do that?"   With the implication its a good way, but that still depends on the author of the process.  Perhaps we chose a too complicated name.

Algorithms Have Been Around for 4,000 Years  By Herbert Bruderer 
A basic concept of computer science is the algorithm. An algorithm can be described as:

instructions for solving a task; a method for solving a problem; calculation rule, or, more precisely,
a finite sequence of generally (valid), unique, executable instructions (steps).
The technical term is named after the Persian mathematician Muhammad Ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi, author of a work on calculation rules (who lived around 780 to 850 AD). Examples from everyday life are recipes, handicraft instructions, rules of the game, instructions for use, score, pattern. .... "

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