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Thursday, July 26, 2018

Google Glass is Back, AI on the Factory Floor

Like the direction of this, it is where we experimented with the idea.   Look forward to seeing this in action.  Like the connection to the notion of an 'Assistant', with eyes and ears and everywhere connections to knowledge and intelligence. 

Google Glass is back, now with Artificial Intelligence  by Tom Simonite in Wired   Google Glass lives—and it’s getting smarter.

On Tuesday, Israeli software company Plataine demonstrated a new app for the face-mounted gadget. Aimed at manufacturing workers, it understands spoken language and offers verbal responses. Think of an Amazon Alexa for the factory floor.

Plataine's app points to a future where Glass is enhanced with artificial intelligence, making it more functional and easy to use. With clients including GE, Boeing, and Airbus, Plataine is working to add image-recognition capabilities to its app as well.

The company showed off its Glass tech at a conference in San Francisco devoted to Google's cloud computing business; the app from Plataine was built using AI services provided by Google’s cloud division, and with support from the search giant. Google is betting that charging other companies to tap AI technology developed for its own use can help  ... "

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