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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Electronic IOT Stickers

Simple, cheap?.  Easily attachable and removable.  Sensing contextual environment.  Security?

Electronic stickers on a set of blocks. Electronic Stickers to Streamline Large-Scale 'Internet of Things'

Purdue University News     By Kayla Wiles

Purdue University and University of Virginia researchers have developed a fabrication method that makes tiny, thin-filmed electronic circuits that are peelable from a surface and which enable any object to sense its environment or to be controlled via the application of a high-tech sticker. The fabrication technique, called "transfer printing," reduces manufacturing costs by using a single wafer to build a nearly infinite number of thin films holding electronic circuits. The peeling is made possible by inserting a ductile metal layer, such as nickel, between the electronic film and a silicon wafer, and then submerging the entire device in water. These thin-film electronics can then be trimmed and pasted onto any surface, giving that object electronic features. "We've optimized this process so that we can delaminate electronic films from wafers in a defect-free manner," says Purdue's Chi Hwan Lee.   .... "

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