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Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Education via Voice Assistants with Shiken

If a skill can be built for Alexa, it can be readily built for other assistants.  Voice and repetition is apparently key for this, aimed at qualifying tests.  Here medical students.   This makes sense.   Also think about using pattern recognition with the data generated to analyze and adapt testing.

Creating an Amazon Alexa Skill with Shiken     By Gemma Twomey   in Cookieshq

Shiken is an innovative company providing education tools for medical students. We’ve worked with them since last year, when we helped them launch their first online revision tool.  Now we’re pleased to announce the launch of a new project – the Shiken Alexa Skill.

Skills are voice-driven Alexa capabilities. They’re like apps – you can enable and disable them, and use them to create a more personalised experience when you speak to Alexa, Amazon’s voice service.

We spent the beginning of this year getting familiar with Alexa through our own office Echo device. Once we discovered its patterns and limitations, we knew an Alexa Skill would be the perfect accompaniment to Shiken’s web platform. Research has shown that speaking out loud can improve memory and even facilitate faster learning. With the Shiken Skill, students of the platform can now study by asking Alexa to ‘Start Shiken’ and answering questions out loud, enriching their experience of using Shiken.  .... " 

See also http://shiken.ai/ 

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