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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Cameras Detecting Emotions and Implying Threat

Good piece in the BBC on detecting emotions and implying threat.    Background and current state.  Here again an algorithm will deliver a likelihood level of threat   So accuracy implications.  Privacy of emotions.  Risk of false positives.  Very likely this will be broadly implemented in a world of greater dangers. 

The cameras that know if you're happy - or a threat  By Daniel Thomas in the BBC

Facial recognition tech is becoming more sophisticated, with some firms claiming it can even read our emotions and detect suspicious behaviour. But what implications does this have for privacy and civil liberties?

Facial recognition tech has been around for decades, but it has been progressing in leaps and bounds in recent years due to advances in computing vision and artificial intelligence (AI), tech experts say.

It is now being used to identify people at borders, unlock smart phones, spot criminals, and authenticate banking transactions.

But some tech firms are claiming it can also assess our emotional state.

Since the 1970s, psychologists say they have been able to detect hidden emotions by studying the "micro expressions" on someone's face in photographs and video .... " 

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