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Monday, September 12, 2016

Too Much Data? First Use Right Measures

In era of hunger for bigger data, we can still get it wrong.  Its more important to have the right metrics.  Via Think with Google:

Weekly Thought-Starter
Too much data can make for muddled metrics. To drive business growth, focus measurement on your brand’s true KPIs, such as sales and lifetime value.  ....   

Marketers are capitalizing on this by delivering digital marketing strategies to meet consumers in these moments of need. But with mobile taking center-stage for many brands, a new set of challenges has arisen around how to quantify digital's value and capture growth opportunities. We chatted with Adam Lavelle, Chief Growth Officer at Merkle (a leading performance marketing agency) to discuss how they help clients not only measure the impact of digital campaigns, but also drive real business growth.    ... ." 

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