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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Connected Consumers

Cisco blog on defining the connected Consumer

Defining the Connected Customer

Let’s take a minute to define what we mean by the connected consumer.

First, let’s not get too focused on the idea of Millennials or Generation Y – users of all ages are very active on their mobile devices and social media. What we are talking about is not an age group, but a group of consumers that is always connected via their smart devices.

Second, they are on those devices a lot. Customers look at their smartphone about 1,500 times a week, and are on their phones 174 minutes per day. To put this into context: Studies show that mothers spend an average 117 minutes a day on childrearing, while men spend 62 minutes per day!

Finally, today’s shoppers are looking for what Cisco describes as a “contextual relationship.” In other words, they have high expectations for their relationship with you. They expect you to know about them, what they have been doing, and what they are doing right now, during every interaction; and they want you to use this context to guide how you respond.  ... " 

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