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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Machine Learning and Customer Loyalty

Integrating data and linking it to real business process is always key:

How Data Integration and MachineLearning Improve Customer Loyalty - Part 1 and Part 2  By Bob Hayes 

In this Big Data world, a major goal for businesses is to maximize the value of all their customer data. Most customer data, however, are housed in separate data silos. While each data silo contains important pieces of information about your customers, if you don't connect those pieces across those different data silos, you're only seeing parts of the entire customer puzzle.

The integration of these disparate customer data silos helps your analytics team to identify the interrelationships among the different pieces of customer information, including their purchasing behavior, values, interests, attitudes about your brand, interactions with your brand and more. Integrating information/facts about your customers allows you to gain an understanding about how all the variables work together (i.e., are related to each other), driving deeper customer insight about why customers churn, recommend you and buy more from you. ... " 

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