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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Identity Graphs for Marketing

Admit I had not heard the term 'identity graph' in terms of marketing before, but now I am intensely interested in the graphical implications.  Still considering that.   Where do you start?

Marketers Need 'Identity Graphs,' but Are They as Accurate as Advertised?
By George Slefo

Nearly everything is expected to become connected over the next decade. Kitchens. Cars. Watches. TVs. Wearables. Smartphones -- the list can go on and on. Consumers already use at least six different connected devices each day, according to Nielsen.

But if marketers want to deliver a seamless experience to the same individual across different devices, they'll likely need to understand, and use, identity graphs.

Identity graphs help marketers match multiple devices to the person who uses them. The question is whether they're as accurate as often advertised.

"I think we are in the very early stages of data," Julie Fleischer, managing director at OMD, told Ad Age at OmniDigital, a conference held by Ad Exchanger in Chicago last week. "We're at the point where everybody recognizes that data is the key to everything."

"But we're in these early stages where all of the focus is on the pipes and how we do the accessing," she added. "Not enough focus is on if the data is correct, and if the data is wrong, which happens so often, then everything spins out of control."  .... ' 

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