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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Heat Mapping in Brick and Mortar

An approach we used widely in our laboratory.   A kind of augmented pictured reality to show changes in context that is very effective.  Good to animate in the time dimension.   Discussion.   In Retailwire:

Could heat mapping be an equalizer for brick & mortar?   by Tom Ryan

E-commerce sites can gain a huge benefit from the ability to track a browser’s every move, thus allowing the retailer to continually tweak targeting on a real-time basis. In the physical retail realm, cameras equipped with heat mapping software are promising to bring similar analytics.

At its most basic, heat mapping uses security camera images to illustrate the hot and dead zones in a store. Generally, red areas indicate spots where many customers have have been present, while green spots signify lower traffic. Retailers are now also incorporating beacons, ceiling sensors, weight-sensing shelves and other emerging technologies to deliver increasingly detailed heat maps.

Understanding where shoppers congregate and linger adds some science to in-store merchandising that has traditionally been done by gut instinct and employee observations. Dead zones can point to problems with traffic flow that may inspire shelf or layout changes.  ... " 

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