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Monday, September 12, 2016

AI Will be Whispering in your Ear

Interesting point about the the recently announced Dash earbuds for iPhone.  Is this really a play to get AI in your ear?  You could suggest that this is a better way to deliver AI than Echo or Cortana,  by making their side of the conversation confidential. An ear bud that is also an intelligent bot, and provide tailored information.  In CWorld:  by Mike Egan: 

" ... Every major consumer electronics company is building A.I. earbuds.

Google is working on a secret initiative called Project Aura. (Don't confuse Project Aura with Google's Project Ara, a modular smartphone research program discontinued this week.) Project Aura is rumored to involve an enterprise version of Google Glass, plus one or two audio-only wearables -- often described as Google Glass without the glass -- essentially screen input replaced by voice and Google Now.

Microsoft is reportedly building a hearable device, possibly aimed at women, called the "Clip." The earpiece would enable hands-free interaction with Microsoft's Cortana virtual assistant.

Sony's long-awaited Xperia Ear product is expected to ship in two months. The device is being designed around a "voice agent," which will tell you the news and weather, update you on your schedule for the day, provide turn-by-turn directions, send text messages and answer your trivia questions. One very cool feature that I expect will soon be nearly universal on wireless earbuds is the ability to respond "yes" or "no" to your in-ear virtual assistant silently by nodding or shaking your head.

These consumer electronics giants are trying to head off a wave of insurgent startups who want to own the interface of the future.

A startup called LifeBEAM successfully crowdfunded this year what it calls the Vi headset. The hardware comes with artificial intelligence software that functions as a fitness coach. It can also monitor your temperature, heart rate and other metrics while you're working out. You can also do Siri-like things such as using voice commands to initiate a call. LifeBEAM's Vi is expected to ship next year. ... "

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