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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Snapchat Spectacles

Still skeptical that the typical person will use these.  I can remember testing Glass at a coffee shop and felt we were being closely watched.    But perhaps these are whimsical enough to get by with their use. People raise their smart phones all the time now.   May also give another opportunity for image and video analysis to classifier the poster?   More than a toy?  In Adage:

Why Snapchat's Spectacles Can Succeed Where Google Glass Failed  By Shelly Palmer
Glassholes, rejoice! Your hopes and dreams are about to be fulfilled by a $129 pair of video-recording Spectacles that its creator calls a "toy." But while they are going to be super-fun to play with, Snap Inc.'s Spectacles are a serious brand extension for the company that created ephemeral visual conversation. ... "

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