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Friday, September 30, 2016

Minimum Viable Bureaucracy

Like the bare statement of the idea, not that I understand the implementation.  Detailed below.

Minimum Viable Bureaucracy—A Practical Approach to Scaling Agile Project Management
by Adam Rose

Companies transforming alongside new digital disruptors are often talking about minimum viable products (or, better yet, minimum lovable products). But there’s one more “minimum viable” category that these businesses should be considering—minimum viable bureaucracy (MVB).
Bureaucracy tends to have a very negative connotation, especially in agile companies that are more free-flowing than traditional enterprises. However, Mozilla and Spotify have made MVB a popular approach in agile businesses, giving executives an answer to the ever-present question—how do we maintain efficiency and consistency at scale without hindering creativity?

It’s easy to theorize about implementing MVB, but practical implementation is much more challenging. The following insights into real-world MVB implementation should provide a clearer path toward balancing agility and governance. .... " 

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