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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

IBM and Chevy Generating 'Positivity'

Anther example of the text analysis of social media streams  ...  although the resulting measure seems quite general.   In AdAge:

Chevy and IBM Will Rate Your Social Media 'Positivity'     By E.J. Schultz

" ... The global campaign -- which is rolling out today -- allows participants to visit a mobile or desktop site to obtain a positivity score based on their social media posts.

Users are asked to enter either their Twitter or Facebook account names at the site. Within seconds the program returns a positivity score. The output also identifies a user's least positive and most positive posts as well as their five most used positive words. Also provided is a detailed social personality summary. At the end, Chevy recommends an experience based on the output, such as "master a new language."   ... " 

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