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Friday, September 30, 2016

IBM Releases DataWorks

And IBM makes a play with linking enterprise data and data science.  Very important, especially for ongoing applications, to have process, data and analytical methods continually aligned and updated. All this aims at better process improvement.

IBM releases DataWorks to give enterprise data a home and a brain
Posted Sep 27, 2016 by John Mannes

While the gears of research are turning fast developing new methods of machine intelligence, another, perhaps more impactful, trend is brewing in the field. Open source frameworks like Apache Spark are hitting their stride at the ideal time to put data analytics in the hands of the business development analyst without forgetting about the needs of the data scientist.

IBM’s new Project DataWorks is built with both Spark and IBM Watson at its core to prioritize speed and usability without sacrificing robust analytics. The best way to think about DataWorks is as a sort of Google Docs for data analytics. In practice, companies have huge data libraries that often end up in a variety of decentralized locations. IBM’s new product eats all this company data and puts it in one intuitively accessible place.  ..." 

And from IBM. 

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