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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Rethinking Product Form for 3D Printing

An interesting view.  I am still skeptical about the general use of 3D printing for manufacturing.  But there are some broadening thoughts here.  The designs have to be considered, of course.

" ... 3D printing has already changed the game for manufacturing specialized products such as medical devices but the real revolution will come when designers start to rethink the shapes of objects. 3D printing removes the limitations of the manufacturing process from the equation, which means whatever can be designed on a computer can be turned into an object, 3D printing specialists say.  To really start using the technology to its full potential, designers and engineers need to imagine new products. "You are almost unlimited as to the type of geometric complexity," said Terry Wohlers, an independent analyst who advises companies on the 3D printing sector.... " 

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