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Friday, January 07, 2011

Will Touch Screens Kill the Keyboard?

I thought of just this point while traveling this week.   I learned touch typing in High School.  My phone lets me do lots of new styles of communicating.  I would not use it to type a book, but it sure is convenient.  So does close quarters hunt-and-peck in a convenient place make the difference?  And now Pads are in the mix.  More in Computerworld.

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Franz I believe that keyboard input in some form will be with us and it will be a Qwerty layout. I have gotten real adept at using ShapeWriter on my phone and would enjoy having it on a tablet (iPad or Motorola Xoom). You just slide fingers over the Qwerty keyboard layout. There is no haptic feedback (as mentioned in the article) just results. I think the haptic feedback is the same as I have to have a 'real' book in my hands to read. From everything I read good voice recognition has still a long way to go.