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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Visualizing Your Professional Network

A clever visualization of your Linkedin Network.  My network is on the right.

" ... It's often hard to visualize the connections between your plethora of contacts, more so when they're scattered across the globe. LinkedIn, the 'professional' network, is no exception; but InMaps from LinkedIn Labs is hoping to change that.

By creating a network of interconnecting nodes representing each of your contacts, InMaps help you visualize clusters of your contacts based on how well they're interconnected. You can then add labels to your groups of contacts, and zoom in and out of the map to discover trends or more detail. For instance, by studying the interconnectedness of certain nodes, you can see who is the 'bridge' in your relationships with groups of contacts. You can also see who knows the most people in a particular working sphere by how big their node is, which could be useful if you ever need to find a contact or someone with influence.... "

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