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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Foodspotting What You Eat

FoodSpotting: Intriguing idea for Foodies like me.  You take a picture of a plate of food on an IPhone App where you are and add a capsule review.  I have known a number of people that do this informally in Facebook and elsewhere.  It can be entertaining.  The posted pictures are apparently cleared by the company.  They expectedly range from very good to very poor snapshots of what you may be eating.  Actual reviews are usually curt and not very useful.   Lots of fast food spots are included and since I usually know what to expect there, that is not too useful.   Agree completely that it is most useful as a 'celebration of local food',  but the fast food chains crowd that out. If there was a way to focus this a bit more. The interface is very simple, yet it is still too hard to do certain kind of things.  Most useful on mobile.  See their site.

" .... If you haven't tried the food photo social network app Foodspotting, you're missing out. The company announced today that it has raised $3 million in venture capital to fund further international expansion and to build what it calls "Pandora for food." ... I just started using Foodspotting a few weeks ago and have fallen in love with it. From discovering places to eat to seeing what a menu looks like on a plate before I order to reading it like a hyper-local foodie newspaper, there are lots of different ways to use the app. The six-person company will celebrate its one-year anniversary this weekend and has a compelling vision for the future ... '

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Amy (Foodspotting) said...

Hi Frank, many thanks for writing about Foodspotting! We're sorry to hear that only fast food spots are popping up in your search. Have you tried filtering by "best"? This should yield results that are recommended by fellow foodspotters. Also, we encourage users to only share food they like so that every photo is meant to be a recommendation. This hasn't happened 100% of the time, but we're definitely working on it so that we become a GOOD food recommendation engine. We're constantly trying to improve so constructive feedback is always welcome. Feel free to reach out to us at team@foodspotting.com anytime with questions, suggestions, or concerns! Thanks again for taking the time to reflect on Foodspotting :)