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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Exploring Intersections Between Semantics and the Cloud

Forging an interesting relationship between an SAP supported research institute and semantic data management and search.  How the Cloud is specifically brought in,  except in the most obvious sense, is still unclear.  Still this does indicate that SAP is interested in the details of semantically enabled data. Their view:

" ... So far, there’s a bit of a split between those businesses that want semantic data management and those who want enterprise cloud management. The former tend to be those industries already more advanced in applying semantic technologies at a large scale, such as life science and digital library projects. The latter tend to be those large companies hosting or running large enterprise application landscapes, such as SAP. But, says Haase, “I see a need on both sides for the respective other technologies. That’s exactly the reason we are active at that interface.” ... "

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