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Monday, January 17, 2011

Jan-Feb Analytics Magazine

In the latest online  bimonthly Analytics Magazine, many interesting articles on the use of analytical methods.  Always interesting and useful.  Here are the areas of emphasis in this issue:

Six 'soft' skills every analyst needs to know
The "art" of communication, team-building and other soft skills are often critical to a project's success.

Why risk analysis fails
Catastrophes as diverse as Hurricane Katrina and the financial crisis point to a series of common mistakes in utilizing risk analysis and risk management.

Text Analytics
Deriving meaning from the deluge of documents and purging content chaos.

HP's world-class e-marketing business
How Hewlett-Packard uses advanced analytics to drive its digital marketing strategies.

From business intelligence to analytics
The journey from what to who, when and why.

Different definitions, assumptions make determining return on investment for Radio Frequency Identification tricky business.

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