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Friday, September 24, 2010

Talent Analytics

This piece relates to several posts I have done recently on retiree knowledge retention and linking specific corporate needs to expertise based on assignment approach analytics.

"Competing on Talent Analytics
by Thomas H. Davenport, Jeanne Harris, and Jeremy Shapiro
What the best companies know about their people—and how they use that information to outperform rivals.by Jeffrey Stibel

Leading-edge companies are increasingly adopting sophisticated methods of analyzing employee data to enhance their competitive advantage. Google, Best Buy, Sysco, and others are beginning to understand exactly how to ensure the highest productivity, engagement, and retention of top talent, and then replicating their successes. If you want better performance from your top employees—who are perhaps your greatest asset and your largest expense—you’ll do well to favor analytics over your gut instincts.... "


Mark Montgomery said...

Enjoyed this article--insufficient focus of late as I sense many companies exploiting high unemployment, instead of focusing on the constant--quality.

Back in my consulting days, I did run into Harrahs often as a thought and practice leader early in both analytics and human capital metrics (the latter of which of course also means leadership in many areas).

I was also reminded of a quote by Google research director Peter Norvig a while back where he stated that their culture was initially very influenced by academic credentials, but in performance tracking those assumptions (dominant in our society) were not supported by analytics.

Apparently that discussion hasn't taken place yet between Eric and Barack.... ;-)

Mike said...

Good post - great article on talent analytics in the Harvard Business Review. Thanks for the information.