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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tweetdeck on the IPhone

Have been experimenting with the Tweetdeck client for the IPhone, now in Beta. So far well done, have found no obvious errors yet. The best package I have yet to see for phone based management of a microblog social network.

Tweetdeck lets you manage multiple categories of Tweets in columns, which allows you to juggle personal versus professional information. Also allows you to manage multiple Twitter accounts from the same system. And gets you to a profile quickly to determine if someone is worth a follow. Runs and updates quickly though the scroll is slightly choppy. Has its own browser to get to a linked site. Overall a very nice solution. Free.

I think that a phone Twitter application like Tweetdeck, that can readily categorize incoming tweets to separate personal and categories of professional traffic will lead to more professionals using the service. This application is done well enough to make this happen.

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