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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Social Networking Inside the Enterprise

This short article makes the case that social networking inside the enterprise is more important than outside. This was precisely what I was involved with before graduating from the mega-enterprise. How do we use blogs, podcasts and wikis to create a social form of knowledge management? I think this can work, but does depend on many things, like what is the culture of your enterprise? How can you get enough people involved in the effort to include key knowledge? It can be tough because the best people you want to involve are usually the busiest. Should you hire archivists? Or can such a system evolve like the Wikipedia? Could past or retired employees be useful to the system? Certainly f you can get them to participate.


Anne Verghese said...


Short and a nice article.

However, I recently came across an article on social networking, and the article wonders whether people are getting tired of social networking or is it just a company's perspective.

Would like you to go through the article once. Here is the link -

Franz Dill said...
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Franz Dill said...

Thanks for pointing to that piece ... it is short and worth reading, also the comments. I don't think think that this piece by itself is evidence of weariness in social media. There are still many people joining, FB has increased traffic by 700% and Twitter still gets lots of new interest in new modes. Many individuals, like myself, are weary of aspects of social media that simply seek to drive up 'follower numbers' in various ways. I want new ways to communicate content between people, problems and solutions. As long as social media does that, and the other things don't get in the way, we will continue to participate. I don't care if overall numbers, or my own go down.


Unknown said...

Great article. I just started a project in this area and this was very helpful to ready.